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Here’s what our Co-Workers are saying

Gypsy With a Backpack

Great place to work! The internet is fast – fiber – 50-100mbps and Kimberly Kubalek, the owner, is very helpful, giving free guidance for everything from rental properties to restaurants.

Christine Jo Pope

Fiber | Coworking

Click Placement

Worked out of Espacio for a month. Great location and screaming fiber internet.


Todd Nevins

Fastest Internet in San Miguel de Allende

Mi Casa Arte, Kimberly Kubalek

After trying cafe’s all over town, I discovered this gem. Fast, reliable internet – and free food.

Hugo Carrion

Fast internet, great workspace, fun comraderie

Uptumble Design

Espacio is one of very few spaces in San Miguel de Allende that caters to entrepreneurs and digital nomads. With fast internet and a central location, it’s the perfect place to get stuff done in San Miguel! Highly recommended.

Ryan Kane


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